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Cooking with herbs has been a passion of mine ever since I was a child, making culinary delights good and bad, then sharing my creations with family and friends. I have always added herbs to the simplist of dishes to use in cooking and to which foods they are suited, I simply could not live without an amazing array of herbs to play with.

After Hanging up my apron strings running a busy farm shop and outdoor kitchen and cooking at major food shows, I then moved on to be a consultant helping set up farm shops and delicatessens sourcing local seasonal food from local and regional producers. As a home cook I love to bring herbs to the kitchen with a herb twist by using my passion for herbs to create interesting recipes that are easy to follow, making herbs the main focus of the dish enabling everyone to cook simple culinary delights.

Author of 'Humble Herb' book series, six herb recipe books which focus on seasonal foods using simple ingredients. I am also instrumental in creating my 'Humble Herb' food range which sells on-line and at various trade shows, farm shops, food halls and delicatessens. My recipes and food photography are published monthly in mahazines, newspapers, website and blogs including Hertfordshire Life Magazine. Honoured member of The 'Guild of Food Writers' and lucky to be on the judging panel for 'Hertfordshire Life' Food & Drink Awards for a third year. .

Working as a food writer & stylist whilst producing my own photography, for local newspaper columns and various food websites, I like to show off my passion for food and herbs whilst keeping it simple. My work and cooking demonstrations has taken me globally, demonstrating my Humble Herb book collection and recipes including the Sharjah International Book Fair UAE. 

Humble Herbs gives you an insight into ways of using various herbs, easily available with simple recipes and the ability for you to experiement in your kitchen, hoping you find this humble herb journey as enjoyable as me!

Humble Love! 





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