Basil Infused Kitchen Oil

A versitle kitchen ingredient. Great used for salads and dressing or lovely drizzled over chicken or fish.


Makes approx 250ml

Prep time  20 minutes

Cooking time 15mins


4 tablespoons fresh Basil

3 cloves of garlic

250ml Rapeseed or olive oil


  1. Place the garlic in a small pan of boiling water and blanch the garlic cloves for 3/4minutes.
  2. Leave the garlic cloves to cool and then peel.
  3. Using a pestle and mortar, place the garlic cloves into the mortar and add the basil leaves, stripping the leaves from the stalks.
  4. Bash gently the garlic cloves and basil leaves and place into a pan.
  5. Add the oil to the pan and simmer very gently for 2-3 minutes, making sure all the garlic and basil leaves are stirred evenly into the oil to infuse.
  6. Take the oil off the heat and leave to cool.
  7. With the remaining basil, blanch in boiling water for 2-3 minutes then place them into cold water to keep their colour.
  8. Put the basil leaves into a sterilised bottle. Line a small funnel with muslin and place to the neck of the bottle and pour the oil through, catching the remainders of the basil and garlic.
  9. Once the bottle is full, seal and store in a cool place, use within 4-6 weeks.



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Tina Richardson

Tina is the founder of Humble Herbs Products and the author of 'A Cooks Guide to Herbs'

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