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Spring into herb action this season in the Humble kitchen! With so many herbs available life seems a little easier cooking with our much loved herbs. It would be gracious to think we could grow a huge army of herbs this time of year in our own back garden, but for most of us it is just a dream. 

Having a few herbs in the garden or sitting on the window sill makes cooking far more enjoyable, with chives popping their early purple flowers and rosemary embracing the spring sunshine, you can almost taste the scent of these wonderful plants as you brush pass them. 

Buying young herb plants are an advantage, these young babies will give you their natural season from around April to September, giving you weeks of herb love to look forward to.

Most of these herbs will reach their peak of aroma just before flowering, I tend to keep some for flowering and cut some early for cooking also for dressing my dishes, as they make such delicious and healthy ingredients. 

If your feeling adventurous, visit the woods and hedgerows and go foraging for Wild Garlic. Native to Europe as a member of the chive family with a very short season until May (best picked before flowering), wild garlic cannot be mistaken to pick with it's green goddess of colourful leaves, delicate sweet garlic aroma, wild garlic is incredibly useful in the kitchen, also fantastic added to dishes such as frittata's, risottos and pesto. If you are not the foreging type you can purchase bunches of wild garlic from your local farmers's market together with your usual seasonal veg.


Do check out our tasty Basil Beef Steak recipe in the April issue Hertfordshire Life Magazine in shops now, a perfect start to a weekend feast!

So enjoy the first signs of spring using fresh herbs and produce bringing big humble love to the table! 



Tina is the founder of Humble Herbs Products and the author of 'A Cooks Guide to Herbs'

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