Apple Mint Cup

A delicious refreshing drink with a fresh minty taste of summer.  

Serves 4-6 prep time 15-20mins.  Makes about 1litre.


6 tablespoons chopped apple mint

1 litre water

100g caster sugar


  1. Place the applemint leaves into a large heatproof jug.
  2. Add the sugar to a large pan, add the water and bring to the boil.
  3. Once boiled, gently stir until the sugar has dissolved, then pour the water into the teapot. 
  4. Steep for 15-20minutes until cool.
  5. Pour through a strainer over ice into serving cups and enjoy. 




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Tina Richardson

Tina is the founder of Humble Herbs Products and the author of 'A Cooks Guide to Herbs'

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