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October is the month you know that Autumn has arrived. With deep orange sunsets, cooler nights and shorter days, it's no wonder we think more about cooking food that makes us feel warm inside. 

Using herbs which have been stored from the spring and summer months are fantastic for creating wonderful herb flavoured dishes throughout the year. I tend to use more dried or frozen herbs this time of year, which are great for popping into soups and stews. With Halloween and Bonfire night just around the corner, I am always looking for easy entertaining dishes. Try my Hertfordshire Herb Hotpot a delicious warming dish baked in the oven, made with Herbs and sausages using my favourite Hertfordshire ingredients a perfect supper for Bonfire Night. 

If your carving pumkins or using squashes use the scooped out plump flesh to make amazing soups and curries, roast the seeds with sea salt to garnish. Sage and Rosemary are still in season giving your soups and casseroles an extra added touch, or why not try roasting squash with sage and golden sugar used as a savoury side dish. Pumpkins and squashes make great curries and one of my favourites is my Marjoram Pumpkin Curry. Served as a side vegetable dish or with added meat as a main, these delicate marjoram leaves add a sweet subtle flavour and colour to boost this under-rated golden flesh.  

Marjoram Pumpkin Curry

Pears, plums and apples are all still in season, cook up these glorious fruits and make into pies, crumbles, chutneys and sauces to make store-cupboard ingredients for the winter. This month in the humble kitchen we have been using Cymbopogon known as Lemongrass, a plant from the grass family and used in a variety of asian dishes, but we thought we would give this recipe a culinary lemongrass twist. With it's sweet citrus lemon scent used to infuse my fruity flapjacks, this recipe is packed with goodness using rolled oats and dried fruit and you can also ajust this recipe to experiment using different herbs and fruits. 

Lemongrass Fruity Flapjacks

S0 if your cooking up a curry or serving the British banger, carving a pumpkin, or simply entertaining, make sure you have a safe bonfire night and a very Humble Halloween! 

Humble love


Tina is the founder of Humble Herbs Products and the author of 'A Cooks Guide to Herbs'

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