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Summer has finally arrived and this time of year, my kitchen is simply bursting with summer fragrant herbs. With herbs so plentiful this time of year it's a fantastic way of experimenting your way through the humble larder, nothing is more fulfilling than picking herbs from your own garden or windowsill.

This month we have been experimenting with our herb summer favourites spearmint, with it's pointed leafed tips (hence the spear) spearmint is a famous trait from the mint family. Experiment making different salads or infuse spearmint leaves with vegetables I love to sprinkle spearmint over watermelon with a salty feta cheese a great entertaining dish or if you feel more adventurous make home-made refreshing teas and delightful creamy desserts. 

Water Melon with Feta Cheese & Spearmint

Spearmint Lemon Posset

Lavender although used for it's healing properties and also used in perfumery, it's flowers and leaves certainly have a role to play in the humble kitchen. Lavender is great for infusing dishes bringing out it's subtle, yet distinctive aroma, pair with chocolate, soft fruits or even served as a syrup with cheese and certainly makes a  delicious flavour to ice-cream desserts..

Lavender Infused Choc Pots

Lavender Ice-cream.

Although only available certain times of the year these herbs are certainly worth the wait. Lavender is my kind of herb as it flourishes in dry, well-drained soil perfect for my humble cottage garden as my garden spends it's days in full sun, just brushing past these hardy herbs makes me smile and is certainly the definition of summer!!!

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Fenugreek Summer Sushi






Tina is the founder of Humble Herbs Products and the author of 'A Cooks Guide to Herbs'

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