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Featured Articles

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UAE Today 

Monday, March 2, 2015

 Tina Richardson will be running the international kitchen on 9th November from 16:30-17:15. After hanging up her apron strings and managing a busy farm shop with an outdoor kitchen and cooking at major food shows, Tina moved on to be a consultant helping set up farm shops and delicatessens source top ingredients.

 Sharjah Book Fair 2014


Hertfordshire Life Magazine

Hertfordshire life Magazine –


Hertfordshire Life is a monthly magazine. I have been writing a monthly feature for the past two years, “matching herbs with food”. This feature opens the readers eyes, how to match a herb of the month with seasonal food and how to cook with these ingredients.

 Giving the reader a small brief description of the herb and how to create seasonal herb dishes in the kitchen. (comments  “A Herb Genius in the kitchen”)  My recipes are now featured as a regular monthly feature in full colour featuring a herb recipe a month.




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