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The audience watched in fascination as chef Tina Richardson blitzed biscuits in a food processor in the cookery corner at the Sharjah International Book Fair.  She was making her signature chocolate deluxe cheesecake and it had an ever so intriguing secret ingredient; something one would never expect in a dessert … rosemary!



The Books

The “Humble Herb” books are a series of hands on practical recipe and note books that give you the reader the opportunity to add your own discoveries.
Culinary herbs have been around for decades, but do we actually know what to do with them. We can learn how to sow and grow, but what makes us feel the need to cook with these herbs to get our taste buds buzzing.
Is a herb worth using in the kitchen we ask, well the answer is a most definite yes. We get asked on numerous occasions not how to grow with herbs but how to match them to the right food in the kitchen. These little recipe books bring Herbs into your kitchen using simple ingredients to stimulate your palate and by adding herbs to your dishes you will experience a whole new world of flavours.

With your additions these books become unique and a valued keep sake, whilst giving you the opportunity to make notes on your own experiments that you can share with your friends. Wether it’s entertaining, a quick supper or a slow roast be prepared to exhilarate your taste using your own findings. A cooks guide to herbs will give you a whole new experience of matching herbs to your dishes without fuss.

We hope you enjoy this Humble journey as much as we have, keep it simple and just enjoy!

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